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Thread: hawk in town

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    hawk in town

    well heck, I'll be the first. I was kicking it in the yard yesterday evening and as usual there was a pigeon in one of the trees (darn things are a nuisance here) when to my surprise 'bang' a redtail hawk (young) snared it, unfortunately it flew off to eat elsewhere but I must say it was the coolest thing I've seen in a while.
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    Re: hawk in town


    You just reminded me. When we were driving down around Vogel Canyon a couple weeks ago I was watching this hawk flying down pretty fast... it just keep getting closer and closer to our car... like it was going to dive bomb the car... instead it veered off towards the grass right along the road and stuck its claws out and then, prolly about as hard as it could, it hit the ground... I dunno what it was after but what ever it was, the hawk got it. haha. It looked like it should have hurt! I mean, it dived like it was diving into water!

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    Re: hawk in town

    here hawks are the nuisance....for my pheasants anyways but i put out food for the crows and ravens so they stick around alot and when a hawk or owl comes by the crows or ravens gang up on them and chase it away :twisted: i like owls and hawks but id rather not have them flying away with my pheasants

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