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Thread: My Goats!!!

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    My Goats!!!

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    Re: My Goats!!!

    Awww... I'm sorry about Medusa. Gotta happen some time, though, I guess. They're cute when they're younguns... I'll concede to that, lol.

    When I was in Missouri recently we went to an "animal safari" where you drive through a park and feed was fun but prolly the most exotic animal we fed was a camel. Any way... there were SO MANY goats and sheep... haha. We'd come up over a hill and they'd see our car and start running right for us. They jump up on the car. We had a rental. Rental company wasn't too concerned about the scratches when we brought it back, thankfully!

    I have video of it I'm still trying to edit... I may post it here when I'm done so you can see the fun with goats we had.

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