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My Goats!!!
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Thread: My Goats!!!

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    My Goats!!!

    welp heres some pics of my goats..... ....they are dragging leashes because goats get loose alot... lol
    this is Diablo after bashing into the feed trough knocking it over a hill comming over to look at me all innocent lmao

    here he is again hiding his face(goats seem to be camera shy :roll: )

    here he is looking at a dog with an evil look in his eyes

    another much older photo of Diablo

    this is Squeek

    Squeek again with Smurf in the background

    Smurf and Squeek hiding in some weeds

    and this is Smurf getting some sun on some old tin

    and this is Medusa, Smurfs mother she passed away yesterday from old age :cry: im pretty sure she was older than dirt...

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    Re: My Goats!!!

    Awww... I'm sorry about Medusa. Gotta happen some time, though, I guess. They're cute when they're younguns... I'll concede to that, lol.

    When I was in Missouri recently we went to an "animal safari" where you drive through a park and feed animals...it was fun but prolly the most exotic animal we fed was a camel. Any way... there were SO MANY goats and sheep... haha. We'd come up over a hill and they'd see our car and start running right for us. They jump up on the car. We had a rental. Rental company wasn't too concerned about the scratches when we brought it back, thankfully!

    I have video of it I'm still trying to edit... I may post it here when I'm done so you can see the fun with goats we had.

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