If any of you watch Animal Planet you may have recently started seeing Jeff Corwin in a commercial where he's describing how frogs and other amphibians are vanishing due to a fungal infection. He then goes on to explain that Clorox is donating bleach to amphibian researchers in the wild to help stop the spread of the fungus.... and for you to help, too, you can go to "http://savethefrog.com."

A couple of things confused me when I went to the site... well, first of all I went to "http://savethefrogs.com" which appears to be essentially for the same cause but a completely unrelated company. And secondly... doesn't Clorox test on animals? ...and now they're this "frog cause's" #1 sponsor. Aren't there more environmentally friendly bleach companies who could sponsor it? Well, I guess money talks.

Any way... because of Clorox's involvement I'd be a little iffy to donate money to the cause... but I guess they aren't getting paid for their involvement, though, anyway, right? So, if you're concerned about amphibians across the world, you can donate to http://savethefrog.com to help Jeff Corwin and Clorox's cause.

Post here any discussion on the issue or if you know a related cause our money would better go to.