This time around we took out the P fasciata again because she didn't get held the last time and then added Kevin's brand new P miranda and P pederseni into the mix. We don't have pics of it but I actually held my first pokies this time around, too! I held the miranda and pederseni (briefly). Kevin did have a big scare when his P fasciata decided it was going to jump onto his face. Haha... she didn't make it, fortunately, she just kinda flipped around his hand.

Here's a quick (2:00) vid of the P pederseni climbing around on Kevin... and random BS we talk about. haha:

Here's some P pederseni pics:

P miranda pics:

And the P fasciata:

LOL... I swear, after looking at enough of these pics they all start looking like the same spider to me. :?