Disclaimer: The Mile High Bug Club is not responsible for the animals/products bought, sold or traded through the classifieds. Please do your research on the animal prior to purchasing. Also, try to research the seller as much as possible so you know if they are someone you feel comfortable in doing business with.

1) Typically the only ads posted here should be for local (rocky mountain area) pick-up or delivery. There should be a limited amount of shipping having to take place. Also, ads posted should ONLY be for animals or animal related products (cages, accessories, etc…)
2) Please start the subject of your ad with one of the following codes to indicate what kind of classified it is:
· WTB: Want to buy
· FS: For sale
· FT: For trade
· FS/T: For sale or trade
· SHOW: Animals you’re bringing to a show/event available for purchase/trade
3) Please be descriptive with the subject, for example: FS: Many CB crested geckos or FT: MM Suntiger or WTB: 20 gallon glass aquarium w/ screen lid.
4) No auctions.
5) No illegal activity. Know the laws of where you're selling from/selling to. The site admin will gladly turn your information over to local authorities if you're caught doing illegal business on the forums.
6) Please include an asking price for all animals/products posted.
7) You must explicitly state where you are located and what options are available for exchange of animals/products, for example: "Located in Colorado Springs. Local pick-up available or can deliver to north Pueblo/south Denver" or "Out of location, shipping is only available."