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    Question Welcome to the site!

    Hello and welcome to the site. We are the Mile High Bug Club. We're called the "bug club" but we're not just about "bugs"... bugs are just what brought the founding members together. A few of us met over on the Arachnoboards, and because of our love for inverts and our close proximity, we decided it would be a great idea to start a club so we can meet other like-minded individuals in our areas. For many of us, in addition to our "bugs" we also have herps, fish, mammals, etc... The exotic pet hobby is so addicting, it's hard not to branch our collections out into other groups of animals.

    This forum was created so Colorado area exotic pet hobbyists could have an easy way to connect with other local hobbyists. On the forums we can plan collecting trips, hikes, group purchases, breeding loans, trades and so much more. So if you're an exotic pet enthusiast in Colorado this is the place for you! ...of course anyone can join the forums and contribute... dependent on your location, though, you may not be able to join us on trips.

    Thanks for coming and I hope to see you around the boards... or even on an overnight collecting trip!
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