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  1. Hrm, yours looks fine to me. Wow, you have like no animals anymore. O.o..

    Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and want to rehome some of our critters but then I just can't. We grow so attached to stuff. At least it's manageable now. The monitors are still all 1-1.5 feet. I think they are older than we thought and super growth stunted. We've had them over a year now, optimum temps, diet, etc..and they look a lot better and act like varanids, but no growth.
  2. ....maybe it's because I can edit mine whereas I can't edit yours.......... so yours is normal formatting and prolly how mine looks to someone that not me.
  3. Okay, see (oOo first time doing this)... Your "Current Collection" formatting looks better than mine. You should look at my profile. It's wonky.
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